We provide the following services to ship owners, time and voyage charterers, NVOCCs and freight forwarders, liability and property insurers, flag states, transport lawyers and ship and insurance brokers:

Dispute and conflict mediation

We specialise in addressing lengthy intractable problems requiring understanding of cultural and / or political sensitivities.

We focus on problem solving through coalition building and mediation on the front line .

We pay scrupulous attention to the local ‘environment’ in its widest sense. We work on the front line. We investigate and identify underlying dynamics, key decision makers and key local stakeholders. We inform our clients. We make authoritative representations on behalf of clients when they are unable to attend in person. We develop and build strong local support. We mediate. We negotiate.

We create practical frameworks for win-win solutions that have the confidence of all parties involved.

Loss prevention

We investigate the non-technical aspects of persistent claims against ship and other transport operators and develop effective strategies to stop these happening

Projects in complex environments

We perform logistics and business feasibility studies in hard-to-reach, complex environments.